Isabella was born October 23, 2010. I had a perfect pregnancy and delivery. We were in complete shock when she was born to find she had a duplicate toe on her right foot and other odd characteristics. It is very devastating to suddenly be hit with the reality that your precious new baby girl might have something wrong with her. I excepted the fact that she had an extra toe, that could be fixed, but her genetics could not. She was diagnosed with PKS at one week old. That day changed our lives forever. Isabella is 15 months now and the pride of our lives. We love her so very much! .She is physically and mentally delayed. She can't sit alone, crawl, or walk yet. But we believe one day soon she will. She seems to hear well but we are uncertain of her vision. She doesn't look directly at us, just all around. She LOVES lights!. She was breastfed for 14 months and did great!. She doesn't like eating off a spoon but she makes efforts. She loves bath time!. Every now and then we get a giggle out of her and we cherish it!. She has just recently been put on seizure medicine for what I see as slight flinches but the MRI says they are seizures. Hopefully the meds will help. If you ever have any questions about PKS or you just need a conversation with a PKS mom, email me at